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Next Session of Classes Start Jan.9 2018

(To get information on the classes, go to contact page and email us under the subject line Somatic Class)

In these classes we are following the teachings of Thomas Hanna, Ph.D. Dr. Hanna developed a system of movement called Hanna Somatic Education. According to the Association for Hanna Somatic Education, Inc., "the process teaches the brain to relax and move muscles properly, thus improving muscle function and sensory awareness." The following link opens an article from The Calgary Herald which gives more information on Hanna Somatics Education.

The Calgary Herald article

I highly recommend that you purchase the book titledSomatics: Reawakening The Minds Control of Movement, Flexibility, And Health by Thomas Hanna. This will be the book thatwe will be using as a reference. You can order it from Chapters or Amazon.

Also there is more information at the Hanna Somatic website, please follow the link below

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